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Fly me to the Moon: Japan billionaire offers space seats

Times of India Science - 03/03/2021
It's the sort of chance that comes along just once in a blue Moon: a Japanese billionaire is throwing open a private lunar expedition to eight people from around the world. Yusaku Maezawa, an online fashion tycoon, was announced in 2018 as the first man to book a spot aboard the lunar spaceship being developed by SpaceX.
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PSLV-C51/Amazonia-1 mission: Isro places Brazilian satellite in orbit

Times of India Science - 28/02/2021
PSLV-C51 carrying Amazonia-1, an optical earth observation satellite from Brazil, and 18 other satellites lifted off from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 10.24am.
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Vitamin B6 may help keep Covid cytokine storms at bay: Study

Times of India Science - 26/02/2021
A recent study led by food scientist Thanutchaporn Kumrungsee can be the first step in showing vitamin B6's potential in lowering the odds of patients becoming seriously ill with the coronavirus.
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Covid mutation that may weaken effectiveness of vaccines found

Times of India Science - 25/02/2021
A new form of coronavirus variant is spreading rapidly in New York City and it carries a worrisome mutation that may weaken the effectiveness of vaccines. As per the research by two teams, the new variant --B.1.526 -- first appeared in samples collected in New York in November. However, by the middle of February, it appeared in about one in four viral sequences in the database shared by the scientists.
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UK variant of Covid will 'sweep the world', says scientist

Times of India Science - 11/02/2021
The Covid-19 variant, which was first detected in the UK's Kent last year, is set to become the dominant strain and is going to sweep the world, the head of the UK's genetic surveillance programme said.
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China's space probe sends back its first image of Mars

Times of India Science - 06/02/2021
China's Tianwen-1 probe has sent back its first image of Mars, the national space agency said, as the mission prepares to touch down on the Red Planet later this year.
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SpaceX Starship prototype rocket explodes on landing after test launch

Times of India Science - 03/02/2021
A SpaceX Starship prototype rocket exploded on landing after an otherwise successful high-altitude experimental launch from Boca Chica, Texas, on Tuesday, in a repeat of an accident that destroyed a previous test rocket.
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SpaceX to launch world's first all-civilian astronaut mission to orbit in late 2021

Times of India Science - 02/02/2021
SpaceX announced on Monday that it will launch four private individuals on a Crew Dragon capsule into orbit around the Earth, dubbed as "the world's first all-civilian mission." It is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021.
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