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International Space Station moves to avoid space debris

Times of India Science - 23/09/2020
Astronauts on the International Space Station carried out an "avoidance maneuver" Tuesday to ensure they would not be hit by a piece of debris, said US space agency NASA, urging better management of objects in Earth's orbit. Russian and US flight controllers worked together during a two-and-a-half-minute operation to adjust the station's orbit and move further away, avoiding collision.
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Study suggests dengue may provide some immunity against Covid-19

Times of India Science - 21/09/2020
A new study that analyzed the coronavirus outbreak in Brazil has found a link between the spread of the virus and past outbreaks of dengue fever that suggests exposure to the mosquito-transmitted illness may provide some level of immunity against Covid-19.
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Drug used to treat coronavirus infections in cats may be effective against Covid-19: Study

Times of India Science - 21/09/2020
A drug used to treat deadly coronavirus infections in cats could potentially be an effective treatment against SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the global coronavirus pandemic, according to a study.
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Rapid blood protein test could detect brain injury in minutes

Times of India Science - 20/09/2020
In a breakthrough study, researchers discovered that a blood protein test could detect the severity of head trauma in under 15 minutes.The new research was published recently in the Journal of Neurotrauma.
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Scientists use Indian Ocean earthquake data to tell how fast it is warming

Times of India Science - 19/09/2020
Scientists have developed a novel method to determine how fast the Indian Ocean is warming by analysing the sound from seabed earthquakes, an advance that may lead to a relatively low-cost technique to monitor water temperatures in all of the oceans.
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Coronavirus, bacteria may work together to increase disease severity in some patients: Study

Times of India Science - 16/09/2020
The severity of Covid-19 in people with obesity and diabetes may be explained by the combined effects of the novel coronavirus and the body's natural community of bacteria -- the microbiota -- working together in the lungs, according to a new study.
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Presence of antibodies may not guarantee protection from Covid-19, say scientists

Times of India Science - 07/09/2020
The presence of antibodies indicates previous exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus but may not always translate into protection against the disease, say scientists, citing imponderables such as what kind of antibodies, how many and how long they last. As Covid cases mount, scientists are grappling with the pivotal issue of antibodies against the virus.
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'Kids can have Covid antibodies, virus in their system at same time'

Times of India Science - 03/09/2020
In a crucial study, the researchers have found that children can be infected with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), but have antibodies against the disease in their blood at the same time. The study, published on Thursday in the Journal of Pediatrics, found that the virus and antibodies can coexist in young patients.
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