Unit-1: Fundamentals of genetics
1. DNA structure, Genes, Chro mosomes, cell division, prokaryotic genome, Introduction to classical, Molecular & Evolutionary genetics

Unit-2: Replication of DNA
1. DNA replication Single replication, bidirectional movement of replication fork -ori c, priming reaction
2. DNA polymerases, DNA synthesis of leading, lagging strand, Okazaki fragments
3. Termination
4. Models for prokaryotic DNA replication.

Unit-3: Gene Expression & Regulation
1. Transcription of Bacterial DNA
2. Structure of typical bacterial promoter
3. Structure of role of RNA polymerase
4. Initiation, elongation & termination – Rho dependants & independents
5. Salient features between prokary otic & eukaryotic transcription
6. Concept of operon positive & negative control of operon – Lac operon –different mutants of lac operon - Arabinose operon – catabolite repression – Tryptophan operon – Attenuation control
7. Genetics code, important, features of the nature of genetics code
8. Prokaryotic translation – structure of mRNA, t-RNA, Ribosomes, & their role in Translation - Initiation, Elongation, Translocation & termination of protein synthesis.

Unit-4: DNA damages & Repair
1. Direct , indirect & post Replication repair of DNA
2. Photo reactivation, excision Repair , Recombination Repair, Mis match Repair.