President`s Message






Dear all,

With a sense of pride and privilege, I would like to articulate that Shri Sarvajanik Science College established in the year 2014 under the aegis of Shri Sarvajanik Kelvani Mandal, Mahesana has proved a beckon to knowledge seeker not only to Mehsana but also Banaskantha and Patan District.

The total dedication and commitment from the management and sincere involvement of the Principal and the faculty members, the institution could produce excellent academic result in every stream of Bachelor of Science within a very short span of two years taking utmost care to develop over all personality of the students. It is important to become good human being first and an excellent professional next.

I also understand the need for students to feel at home in the new surroundings in our campus. All the teachers and the management team are cordial and affectionate, yet they make you a disciplined individual so that success is always on your side. All amenities like a Classrooms, Laboratories, Library and Hostel facilities etc. is at the student’s disposal so that you perform well. As a result of committed combined efforts in tertiary directions viz. education responsibility  Management has extrapolated highest growth in Shri Sarvajanik Science College.

I pray to God  for their blessing to their success in way of Quality Education ascend from peak to peak in all endeavors in future as well.