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Sr. No. Impact Factor ISSN No Name of Journal Level of Research Journal Name of Author as per order in Publication Year Page No Vol. No Author
1 Comparative homology model building and docking evaluation for RNA III inhibiting peptide of Multi drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain MRSA252 1.33 1476-9271 Computational Biology and Chemistry A Vishal Mevada, Bhoomi Patel and Rajesh Patel 2017-2018 Dr. Vishal Mevada
2 Whole genome sequencing and annotation of halophilic Salinicoccus sp. BAB 3246 isolated from the coastal region of Gujarat 0.50 2213-5960 Genomics Data A Mevada, V., Patel S., Pandya J., Joshi H., & Patel R. 2017-2018 2017 Dr. Vishal Mevada
3 Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of Phthalyl Sulfacetamide 2319-8753 International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology A Kinjal Patel, Sanjay Tailor, Urmila Patel 2016-2017 4963-4967 5 Mrs.Kinjal D Patel
4 Lattice Energy Calculation and Molecular Docking Studies of 2-([(4-([Acetylamino]sulfonyl)phenyl)amino]carbonyl)benzoic acid 0975-7384 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research A Sanjay M. Tailor, Kinjal D. Patel and Urmila H. Patel 2016-2017 952-957 8 Mrs.Kinjal D Patel
5 Quantitative analysis of weak interactions by Lattice energy calculation, Hirshfeld surface and DFT studies of sulfamonomethoxine 1.78 ISSN: 0022-2860 Journal of Molecular Structure A Kinjal D. Patel*, Urmila H. Patel 2016-2017 127-134 1128 Mrs.Kinjal D Patel
6 Metagenomic Sequence of saline desert microbiota from wild ass santury, Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India 0.11 2213-5960 Genomics Data A Patel Rajesh, Mevada Vishal, Prajapati Dhaval, Dudhagara Pravin, Prakash Koringa, C.G. Joshi 2015-2016 137-139 3 Dr. Vishal Mevada
7 PFINTDB : a comprehensive interacion database for annoted gene and protein interaction for Plamsodium falciparum 3D7 0.00 2250-3137 International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Research A Mevada Vishal and Patel Rajesh 2014-2015 3(3) Dr. Vishal Mevada
8 Isolation, Identification and control of Actinomyces Viscosus from Dental Caries Sample 2321-3728 The Microbes: Online International Journal of Microbiology B PRAJAPATI RAJENDRA, RAOL B.V 2013-2014 6-13 1
9 Bitvillage: an Integrated village information system (IVIS)based on microfarm Planning system using Bioinformatics approach 0.00 - Bioinformatica B Vishal A Mevada, Brijal D Parekh, Rajesh K Patel 2012-2013 1(1) Dr. Vishal Mevada
10 Comparative study on suitability of eight different selective media For isolation and cultivation and enumeration of lactobacillus Species from dental caries samples Bioscience Guardian- An International Journal 2012-2013 Dr. Rajendra Prajapati
11 Comparative study on suitability of eight different selective media For isolation and cultivation and enumeration of lactobacillus Species from dental caries samples 0.00 2277 – 9493 Bioscience Guardian- An International Journal C 2012-2013 235-243 3(1) Dr. Rajendra Prajapati
12 Development of plasma source for plasma Wakefield accelerator experiment at the Institute for Plasma Research K. K. Mohandas, Sangeeta Tripathi, Sonam Brahmbhatt and Ravi A V Kumar 2012-2013 Ms. Sonam Brahmbhatt
13 Virtual Screening for Protein Kinase Inhibitor For anti- cancer application 0.00 - Bioinformatica B Mevada Vishal, Mehta Jignasa, Patel Rajesh 2012-2013 16-20 1(1) Dr. Vishal Mevada
14 Virtual Screening of Heterobased Ligand library for Protein Kinase Inhibitor for Anti-cancer activity 0.00 0975-1491 International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences A Anand M. Dave, Vishal A. Mevada, Nikhil S. Bhatt, Pradip B. Acharya, Rajesh K. Patel 2012-2013 390, 397 4(4) Dr. Vishal Mevada
15 Crowd Sourcing a new paradigm for Interactome Driven Drug Target Identification in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 4.09 1932-6203 PLoS ONE A Patel R K, Mevada V A and OSDD consortium 2010-2011 1,11 7(7) Dr. Vishal Mevada
16 Evalution of Stability of Complexes of Inner Transition Metal Ions 2-Oxo-1-pyrrolidine Acetamide and Role of Systematic Errors 0.79 09734945 E-Journal of Chemistry A Sangita Sharma, Jayesh Ramani, Dhara Patel, Ketan Patel and Mahesh Kadiya 1965-1971 8(4) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
17 New ternary transition metal complexes of 2-{[(2-aminophenyl)imino]methyl}phenol and Metformin: synthesis, Characterization and antimicrobial activity 0.79 09734945 E-Journal of Chemistry A Sangita Sharma, Jayesh Ramani, Dipika Dalwadi, Jasmin Bhalodia, Neha Patel, Dhara Patel, and Rajesh Patel 361-367 8(1) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
18 Speciation and Thermodynamic Parameteric study on Complexation behaviour of some Sm(III), Eu(III), Gd(III) and Tb(III) with Aminopyridines in aqueous and mixed equilibria 2231-5039 Oriental journal of Chemistry A Dalwadi Dipika, Dhara Patel and Mahesh Kadia 875-882 24(3) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
19 Synthesis, Characterization and antimicrobial Activity of Ternery Cr(VI) and Fe(III) Metal Complexes of 2-{[(2-imino]methyl}phenol and Metformin Ultra Chemistry A jayesh Ramani,Dipika Dalwadi,jasmin Bhalodia,Dhara Patel and Rajesh Patel 211-220 6(2) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
20 A Solution State Study of the Complexation and Thermodynamic Parameters of Binary Complexes of the Inner Transition Metals with Piracetam in Aqueous and Mixed Solvents 1.13 1572-8927 Journal of Solution Chemistry A J. Ramani, Dhara Patel, S. Shar 42(8) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
21 Polarization studies on inhibitory effect of chromates and dichromates on corrosion of Tin Coated Steel in 0.5 M mono chloro acetic acid. 0.70 0973-4945 E-Journal of Chemistry A SANGITA SHARMA*, KINNARI H. PARIKH, MAHESH V. KADIA,FALGUNI D. THAKKAR, and DHARA D. PATEL 302-308 5 Dr. Dhara D. Patel
22 Study of Activation Energy and Thermodynamic Parameters from TGA of Some Synthesized Metal Complexes 0.82 2249-555X Indian Journal of Applied Research A K. R. Patel Dhara Patel Ashish patel 39-41 3 Dr. Dhara D. Patel
23 Synthesis and Electrical conductivity of Crystals of p-dimethylamino benzaldehyde and o phenylenediamine Ligand with Co(II) and Cr(VI) Metal 0976-0970 Archives of Physics Research A K. P. Patel, V. D. Patel, K. R. Patel, *Dhara Patel and M. N. Parmar 94-98 2(3) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
24 Synthesis and Optical Study of Crystals of p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde and o phenylenediamine Ligand with Ni(II), Cu(II) and Co(II) Metal 2249-3174 International Journal of Applied Physics. A V.D. Patel, K.P. Patel, K.R. Patel, *Dhara Patel and M.N. Parmar 85-89 1,2 Dr. Dhara D. Patel
25 Thermodynamics and Solution State Studies on Binary, Ternary and Quaternary Complexes of CuII, NiII, CdII, and CoII and their Comparison 2278-6783 Chemical Science Review and Letters A Sangita Sharma and Dhara D Patel 440-447 4(14) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
26 Thermodynamics and Solution Studies on Some Quaternary Metal Complexes and their Comparison with Binary and Ternary Complexes 0.27 0970-7077 Asian journal of chemistry A DHARA D. PATEL 1, SANGITA SHARMA 1, K.R. PATEL 2,* and V.D. PATEL 2 2385-2388 23 (6) Dr. Dhara D. Patel
Dr. Dhara D. Patel11
Dr. Rajendra Prajapati2
Dr. Vishal Mevada8
Mrs.Kinjal D Patel3
Ms. Sonam Brahmbhatt1